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At AcurtexTM, your health is our priority and we provide seamless, continuous and reliable health monitoring systems that are made through state-of-the-art wearable technology.

We use the latest technology in the textile, analog and digital fields, combining those with easy-to-wear garments. We bring the dream of Smart Wears to life; and most importantly, we help to save lives through our products. The WearicsTM smart shirt is our leading product and is aimed particularly at people who suffer from, or are at risk of, heart conditions. It is comfortable and fashionable, and it provides health benefits like no other product.

Through the use of textile, analog and digital technologies, the WearicsTM continuously monitors the medical state of its wearer, alerting them and designated health professionals if there is anything wrong with their heart.

At AcurtexTM, we pride ourselves on providing a product to you that we know works. Suitable for the general public or health practitioners, we have worked hard over the years to ensure the WearicsTM is of the highest possible standard, and we’re proud to present this to you today.



WearicsTM has been created using breakthrough technology in signal reception and conduction through two different interfacing materials: textile and digital.

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Acurtex Core

Acurtex Core, patent-pending technology, enables the increase of skin conductance via electrically inducing sudomotor reaction (sweat gland innervation) making the acquisition of high quality heart’s signals via textile possible.

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WearicsTM is a smart shirt that seamlessly and continuously monitors the wearer’s heart condition and function, identifying and tracking arrhythmias and precursory heart attack symptoms long before clinical signs manifest.

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Monitoring Device

WearicsTM incorporates a tiny, state of the art monitoring device that receives signals from textile electrodes. Analyze and send them to your physician.

Main Features

Smart Shirt

The only difference you’ll notice between a WearicsTM and a top-line fashion t-shirt is your increased peace of mind.



The WearicsTM App is powerful and professional software that is easy to install on any mobile phone or tablet.




WearicsTM has been designed for use by the general public.. Devoid of convenient and effective tools for continuous monitoring of the heart, the general public is generally left unguarded in day to day life.

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Medical Institutes

WearicsTM provides a cost-effective, complete cardiac monitoring solution designed to improve patient safety and compliance, and to reduce re-admissions, hospitalization time and costs.

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