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CTSTM is currently the only technology that can alert athletes of a dangerous medical state
thus enabling the immediate provision of life-saving medical treatment.

Detection of an abnormal heart state durring a football match

CTSTM is a novel tracking system of the cardiac and pulmonary states of people who are engaged in sports and physical activity and applies for professionals and armatures. CTSTM is comprised of
(1) WearicsTM worn by the athlete monitoring in real-time the athlete’s heart and pulmonary state and;
(2) an application receiving the data from the athlete’s body and streaming it to a remote facility (medical or otherwise).
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The system alerts the athlete as well as the trained medical personnel of any occurrence of a dangerous cardiac event. CTSTM can simultaneously track up to 22 users (the equivalent of two football teams) and is a fully automatic system requiring no intervention from the athlete or an operator.


  • CTSTM provides a comprehensive data of the heart and lungs state of the athlete in real-time, including:
    – Heart: P-R-T axis, P-R interval, QRS interval, QT/QTc, Ventricular rate,    AF, SVT, VF, VT, VPBs, APBs, LBBB, RBBB, Arrhythmia statistics.
    – Pulmonary: rate, waveform.
  • Alerts in real-time of a dangerous cardiac event (which may go on to be deadly if not untreated in due course).
  • Acquires and streams real-time athlete’s medical data obtained by WearicsTM to local or on-site professional personnel (e.g. athlete’s physician) as well as to remote medical organizations (e.g. EMS, hospitals) including GPS based location of the athlete.
  • Enables video-consultation (e.g. between the on-site medical crew and professional personnel in the remote medical facility).
  • Able to track up to 22 athletes simultaneously and compare results acquired from different athletes on the same team.


CTSTM is currently the only system worldwide that can monitor the heart and pulmonary state of athletes in a medical-grade quality. Other means that are used today, mainly watches, can offer the user data regarding heart rate alone (in terms of cardiac information) and cannot provide reliable diagnosis and alerts of a dangerous cardiac event (such as heart attacks or lethal arrhythmias). With an incidence of an athlete’s sudden cardiac death once every 3 days in the US, CTSTM is vital for ensuring the safety and the wellbeing of athletes everywhere.

End-to-end solution

CTSTM is an inclusive solution that shortens time-to-diagnosis and as a result time to intervention and treatment at the hospital level (e.g. by enabling the preparation of catheterization team and room / operation room in advance)


CTSTM is intended to be used for the monitoring of athletes at a team level. Popular sports that may benefit CTSTM are: (American) football, soccer, rugby, basketball, cricket, tennis, volleyball hockey and baseball. For an individual monitoring of the none-professional or professional athlete, WearicsTM standard application can be used.

WearicsTM for CTSTM

WearicsTM version for CTSTM will bear some changes in comparison to the standard version marketed to the general population. These changes were made to enable a convenient use during rigorous physical activity. The prominent changes are:

  • the use of a smaller monitoring device.
  • its positioning on shirt’s upper back (as opposed to the side of the body in the traditional WearicsTM product).



CTSTM application controls and monitors every WearicsTM and can change WearicsTM configuration in real-time, including exam mode (monitoring or recording), playing a recorded exam, setting of exam duration, changing monitored sensors, changing resolution and frequency of monitoring etc.