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Medical Institutes

WearicsTM provides a cost-effective, complete cardiac monitoring solution designed to improve patient safety and compliance, and to reduce re-admissions, hospitalization time and costs. In line with increasing patient compliance and the provision of better care, WearicsTM fulfils a current, evolving, world-wide trend of comfortable medicine for the following industries:


The image of people lying in bed or walking the hospital corridors with wires hanging from them is a thing of the past. Hospitals today are not only committed to the quality of care they provide, but also the quality of stay for their patients.

The best hospitals today are increasing their efforts and resources in to making their facilities more convenient for patients. And one way of doing this, is to free the patients who are in need of cardiac monitoring from those cables; in turn increasing their range of mobility and their ability to heal.

Physicians who use WearicsTM for their patients also save valuable time that is usually lost in preparing the patient for the exam and applying the electrodes; and it will essentially solve the disturbing, time costly problem of recurrent disconnection of electrode/s due to patient movement.

Senior citizen's home

Staff who are monitoring the cardiac status of people living the Senior Citizen’s home (or Nursing Home) are often faced with more work than they can handle; or they may not have the medical background required to be able to determine if a heart attack is possible (or imminent).

Using WearicsTM for elderly people at risk of heart attack within these homes allows staff members to focus on other aspects of the job, while those at risk are still being carefully monitored. It removes a lot of pressure and provides both staff and the elderly with greater confidence on a daily basis.

Cardiac rehabilitation centers and programs

People who have suffered a heart attack are prone to a subsequent heart attack within days or weeks and as such, this is a particularly crucial time to monitor their cardiovascular state and potentially save their life.

Usually, those people are admitted to cardiac rehabilitation programs or centers where they learn how to manage their lifestyle. With WearicsTM, they can return to the general population, confident that they are being monitored in the event something does happen again.

Clinics and telemonitoring centers

WearicsTM replaces all current traditional monitoring devices, offering the distinct advantage of comfort to its wearer. By being comfortable, unlike someone with wires coming from them in all directions, they are more likely to comply with the standards set by their physician to wear the system; increasing the chances of detection.

Clinics and tele-monitoring centers that take this initiative on board are guaranteed a competitor advantage which will lead them in the front line of technology well into the future.