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An innovative, patented diagnostic device that acquires, amplifies, filters and digitalizes the signals from the heart and transmit them to the physician.

>>Large memory (8G/16G) enables high levels of data storage, recorded through long periods of monitoring.

>>An OLEED colorful screen, buzzer and LEDs are used to alert the user of medical emergency.

>>Extended operating life-time enables continuous monitoring day and night without needing to replace battery.

>>High frequency, high resolution sampling of the physiological sig¬nals with a frequency of up to 1000 samples/sec and up to 24-bit resolution.

>>High processing CPU enables the implementation of powerful algorithms and is imperative for continuous reception and analysis of big data from numerous textile electrodes.

>>Wireless transmission with proprietary custom-made antennas ensure

1. Extended range
2. 3D reception
3. No black areas

This is imperative to enable continuous broadcasting of the alert and data, so the wearer can rest assured no emergency situations are missed.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 1.6*2.4*0.9in (WxLxH) ECG leads: 12/15, 8 channels Sampling rate: 1 KHz Resolution: 24-bit A/D Frequency: 0.05Hz-150Hz

Connectivity: Bluetooth Class 1.5, EDR 2.3, extended range Display: 1.27” color OLED, 128*96 pixels Memory: 8/16 GB Internal memory Power: 3.7v, 700mAh, Rechargeable battery