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WearicsTM is a smart shirt that seamlessly and continuously monitors the wearer’s heart condition and function, identifying and tracking
arrhythmias and precursory heart attack symptoms long before clinical signs manifest.

With integrated sensory technology, WearicsTM monitors the activity of the heart and analyzes the data to determine whether measurable changes are nonspecific or indicative of a dangerous heart condition.

This data is recorded by a small patented diagnostic device integrated into the shirt that has the ability to transmit data to the wearer’s preferred mobile device as well as the chosen medical professional – it is also presented on the device’s screen for the wearer’s viewing. Upon receipt of the data, the wearer’s chosen medical professional will review and validate the information and, if necessary, contact the wearer to recommend medical assistance (or even call for assistance for him).

WearicsTM makes use of advanced smart textile technology, incorporating a network of conductive electrodes which collect data from multiple monitoring locations spread across the torso, monitoring the electrical activity of the heart.

Signals are passed through a highly conductive smart textile fabric and received by a small, hospital-grade diagnostic device. The data is then used to create a three-dimensional image of the heart’s electrical activity. The device alerts both the wearer and the chosen physician of heart attacks, arrhythmias, respiratory distress, falls, and periods of inactivity – all in real time.
The physician, using his or her mobile phone or tablet, can view and assess the information collected by the device. He or she is also able to request and receive additional data from the shirt, in real time, as needed to assess the wearer’s condition. This includes a focus, if necessary, on a specific part of the heart where an abnormal reading was recorded.

If the physician determines the wearer is at risk for a cardiac event, he or she can instantly share the necessary data with a cardiologist, enabling the wearer to receive an immediate and reliable diagnosis, even before he or she arrives at the hospital.
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With WearicsTM you can identify lethal arrhythmias and precursory cardiac symptoms in the early stages, at a crucial time when treatment is still possible with high success rates and while the heart attack can still be prevented. WearicsTM is an integrated tool for monitoring the most important aspects of physical health, offering a degree of protection never before possible.

WearicsTM is a new tool for safe-guarding health, for continuously monitoring well-being, every minute of every day and night - times where no one else will do it for you. With WearicsTM you are never alone.

Monitoring Device

WearicsTM incorporates a tiny, state of the art monitoring device that receives signals from textile electrodes. Analyze and send them to your physician.

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Smart Shirt

The only difference you’ll notice between a WearicsTM and a top-line fashion t-shirt is your increased peace of mind.



The WearicsTM App is powerful and professional software that is easy to install on any mobile phone r tablet.