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WearicsTM senses and analyses the wearer’s medical state every second and in an event of an emergency it instantly sends the medical data and its analysis to the medical professional of choice.

The information is first transmitted from WearicsTM to the wearer phone, tablet or PC from which it is being transmitted via Wi-Fi or the cellular network to the medical professional of choice. The medical professional can view and analyze the information in his or her clinic or hospital using a PC but also outside his work place by using his own phone or tablet.

The instant transfer of the medical information from the wearers to the medical professional in an event of a medical emergency can be lifesaving.
It takes less than a second from the time the medical event has been initiated until the medical professional views the medical data on the application.



WearicsTM application for the wearer is simple requiring, after an initial one-time setting, only the opening of the application. The connection to the medical professional application on one end and to WearicsTM on the other end is done automatically and end does not require any user involvement. It is designed to suit all range of users with a special emphasis of the elderly and people with basic knowledge in operating smartphones or applications.

Medical Professional

WearicsTM application for the medical professional is a ppowerful software that enables the medical professional to view and comprehensively analyze the medical data giving him or her the best means for reaching an accurate and precise diagnosis.


Integrates with Health System

Dispatch of medical crew

At need, dispatch of medical crew to the wearer’s location can be triggered by the wearer or medical professional via their applications. The dispatch of medical crew can also be triggered automatically, without any user intervention. This is most important in an event the user is unconscious.


The Wearer and Medical professional of choice can conduct a video call that can be initiated by either side. Similarly, the medical professional of choice can perfrom an online consultation with his or her peers or an expert(i.e: cardiologist) and share the medical data that is recieved from the wearer.